Toronto Indie Author Con 2024 P&L Roundup

After all this time, we’ve gotten all the numbers sorted for 2024. We’re still trying to figure out if we can have a different venue for 2025 and still stay within a reasonable budget, but we are working towards running the 2025 convention at this time. There are a number of things that we still have to work out, but we will be running the convention again.

One of the things we are commited to doing, and just so people understand details a little, here’s the basic breakdown on the P&L of the convention.

* Ticket Sales$7,959.35
– Eventbrite Fees-$592.65
* Sponsorships$2,400.00
Total Revenue$9,766.70
Grosvenor Room$1,729.00
Support Staff Fees$300.00
Coffee Bar$970.63
Transportation & Hotel$838.32
TOTAL Expenses$11,234.55
Net Profit / Loss-$1,467.85

Now, of those ticket sales, we had 73 paid for tickets and another 15 from the Accessibility Fund.

Of the sponsorships, we had $1000 donated to the Accessibility Fund, an additional $1000 in sponsorships that covered the F&B cost and additional sponsorship for the convention program and convention itself overall. Surprisingly, the Accessibility Fund was over subscribed at 14 individuals, but we added 4 more spots at the last minute since we wanted to fill the hall as much as possible.

All in all, that meant we had 88 individuals attending the convention (or should have), with an additional 10 or so volunteers and, of course, the 10+ speakers and industry professionals that came. Putting the convention at just over 110+ individuals on the busiest day (Saturday).

Where’s the extra $1.5k loss coming from? Starlit Publishing is covering that. It’s one of the reasons why we ran it under the business, to cover such losses. We’re committed to, as best we can, keeping the convention as breakeven as possible, so if we do make a profit next year; we’ll likely pour more of that into things like the honorariums for speakers and covering their flights and hotel fees when possible.

Anyway, just wanted to update on this. Next year’s budget is likely roughly the same (if a little higher as we’re considering a different and better venue). Once we’re ready, we’ll start adding tickets for early bird attendees and sponsorships.

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