The Toronto Indie Author Conference is divided into a beginner author and intermediate author track. Each track offers tailored presentations designed to cater to the specific needs of authors at different stages of their careers. From foundational topics geared towards budding writers to more advanced strategies suitable for seasoned authors, attendees can expect a comprehensive and enriching experience tailored to their skill level and aspirations.

Workshop Descriptions

Beginner Author Track

Embracing All Your Publishing Options To Maximize Your Revenue
Speaker: Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Writers have never had more opportunity and options than ever before in the history of publishing. When it comes to earning revenue as an author, writing and publishing a book is just one of many ways to earn money. What are the various ways an author can maximize their revenue, forge multiple income streams, and effectively exploit their IP to gain the most benefit from their earning potential?

Seven Productivity Myths and Why You Should Stop Believing Them
Speaker: Becca Syme

When people throw around advice about productivity, there are some old staples that don’t actually apply to everyone. The goal of this session is to deconstruct how to apply advice to you as an individual, and to help you have a sustainable author career.

Marketing Strategy 101
Speaker: Tao Wong

Marketing Strategy for Authors is designed to illuminate the process of developing a marketing strategy as an author in the 21st century. It provides a high level, strategic overview of the components of a comprehensive marketing plan that is flexible, focused and uniquely tailored to an author’s writing career.

Writing What You Love To Market
Speaker: Eva Chase

If you’ve spent much time in the indie publishing world, you’ve probably heard the phrase “write to market” as a key strategy for success. It’s often presented as the opposite of writing what you love, but what if you can do both? This workshop will give you proven techniques for reaching broader audiences while keeping the joy of writing.

The Anatomy of a Best-Selling Book Cover
Speaker: Sylvia Frost

What is the difference between a pretty piece art and a best-selling book cover? From composition, to trends, to how to get the illusive “pop”, award-winning book cover designer, Sylvia Frost of The Book Brander, uncovers the secrets of book cover design.

What Indie Authors Need to Know about Editing
Speaker: Genevieve Clovis

Editing is an important part of the publishing process, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This presentation will teach indie authors everything they need to know to get started with an editor. It will provide an explanation of the different types of editing, what each type entails, where to find editors, and how to figure out which editor is right for their project.

Stuck, Blocked, or Burned Out?
Speaker: Becca Syme

Everyone’s tossing around the B-word lately. Burnout. And some of us feel a physical recoil when we see that word, so we might be afraid to think about or talk about times when we’re not writing, for fear of someone using that B-word. But there are lots of reasons we might not be writing, and some of them are even about another b-word… beneficial. So come to this talk and learn, when might not-writing be good for me?

Intermediate Author Track

How to Master Facebook Ads Strategy
Speaker: Melissa Storm

The market is constantly changing. Tech is always changing too. This is why it’s so important to master strategy rather than simply learning tactics. We’ll discuss major roadblocks and how to navigate a new path for success with Facebook ads.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream with Audiobooks
Speaker: Robin Siegerman and Senn Annis

Talk all things audiobooks with narrators Robin Siegerman and Senn Annis! They’ll walk you through the process of how to have an audiobook produced, how audiobooks expand exposure for your book to an additional audience, and how they create another revenue stream.

How My First Kickstarter Funded Over 900% and How Yours Can Too
Speaker: Stephen Kotowych

A step-by-step walkthrough of how Stephen Kotowych built, ran, promoted, and fulfilled his very first Kickstarter and funded 900%+ of his funding goal for the Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction: Volume One anthology. He’ll walk authors through the process he followed, highlight the resources, mentors, and strategies that helped him succeed from a zero follower/fan/community base, and offer lessons on what he learned doing his first Kickstarter and what he will do differently next time.

Elevating Your Reach Through Newsletter Automation
Speaker: Tao Wong

A practical how-to guide on crafting newsletters that go beyond mere updates, transforming them into potent engagement tools. Learn how to captivate your audience, foster reader loyalty, maximize data collection to tailor your content and boost your author brand through strategically designed email automations.

Do You Need to Quit Your Day Job?
Speaker: Melissa Yi

Writing full-time seems like the holy grail. How do you know when you’re financially and psychologically ready? Some suggestions on how, if, and when to make the leap.

Diversifying Income Streams Panel
Speakers: Michael Chatfield, Tao Wong, Robin Siegerman, Senn Annis, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, and Kobo’s Laura Granger

Audiobooks, Kickstarters, subscriptions, direct shops and publishing wide, oh my! Where’s an author to start? Prepare your questions for this panel of experts with Michael Chatfield, Tao Wong, Robin Siegerman, Senn Annis, Mark Leslie Lefebvre and Kobo’s very own Laura Granger.

Running an Author Business Panel
Speakers: Michael Chatfield, Tao Wong, and Melissa Storm

There’s more to writing a book and figuring out the marketing plan when it comes to running your author business. Join authors Tao Wong, Melissa Storm and Michael Chatfield as they talk all the nitty-gritty of owning a business, from hiring a PA, outsourcing and team management to incorporation, contracts, copyright and strategy.

Roundtable Sessions

The roundtable sessions offer an engaging platform for interactive discussions and knowledge-sharing. Attendees gather around designated tables, each facilitated by an expert in the field. Within a half-hour timeframe, authors have the opportunity to pose questions, seek advice, and engage in lively conversation with both the table expert and fellow writers. After the time is up, all attendees will move to a different table.

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